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Bhutan Tour: Why It’s A Special Place To Travel

Travel to Bhutan

Who doesn’t want to travel abroad on vacations? This experience is always special if you choose the right place to spend your leisure time there. When planning for a vacation, you must get confused about where to go, and may cancel your places many times. Then after many plans, you finally set your place and pack your bags for your trip.

The most beautiful experience is tourism, you get to explore the all-new country especially when the place has its own different culture and the tourists can learn something different and new from that place. Some people want to go to the hilly areas whereas some want to stay in the warm, but what if you get to stay at a place where you can get both. But before visiting this place you must know why the Bhutan tour is special.

Bhutan is situated in South Asia, and the country has a kind of climate, and you can also experience spring and rainy season there, so there is nothing that you are going to miss, especially in terms of climate. Talking about the other things then usually Bhutan follows the culture of Buddhists, so people from different parts of the world will get to learn more and something different from this culture. The hilly areas and the hilly places add beauty to this country and make it a perfect tourist destination. In this article, you will get the answer to your question of why travel to Bhutan.

Specialty of Bhutan

In Bhutan, there are many places where you can explore the beauty of the place. Before going to Bhutan, the one thing which is important for you to know is about the place, and what is special about this place. The first thing which you should know is that this place has minimal rush.

Bhutan carries its own natural beauty rather than artificial and other unnatural things. Bhutan is usually famous for forests, monasteries, its rich culture, and heritage. So, if you are going to enjoy the peace and natural beauty then this is the perfect vacation destination for you.

 Along with this, you will also find lots of temples, which makes this country different from the other. In other countries, there is a rush, developed factories industries, and other pollution. But Bhutan focuses on showing its natural beauty. If you are planning for trekking in hilly areas, then there is nothing that can stop you from doing that. But also, keep in mind the pattern of weather and choose the month according to it.

This is what you can discover in Bhutan, and enjoy this beautiful country.

Destination in Bhutan

Before going to Bhutan, you must know which are the areas or cities which you have to cover when you visit the place. However, all places in Bhutan are destinations, and you must visit those places but some places are popular and famous for their view. List of the destination in Bhutan which should be in your go-to list are:

  • Thimphu
  • Paro
  • Punakha
  • Manas National park
  • Jakar
  • Trongsa
  • Ha

These are some famous places in Bhutan, but if you know more places than do add it to your bucket list.

Things you should know about Bhutan

However, before going it is obvious that you must have searched many things about that place but there are few important things, which you must know and then carry your necessities accordingly.

Situated at a High altitude

We’ve have already mentioned hilly areas in Bhutan, which states that the place is at a high altitude. If you have any problem or phobia with hilly areas, then plan and pack your bags accordingly and take your medicines to deal with this.

Roads are uneven

The roads of Bhutan are not so even and smooth to drive and the place has many zigzag forms. If you are planning to drive there then it would be a very bad idea, as you do not know anything about the place and you are not habitual to it. So ignore driving and if you are suffering from motion sickness then carry your medicines. It will be more convenient for you to take the window seat.

Is the trip to Bhutan expensive?

First of all, it is very important for you to collect a sufficient amount of money if you are planning a trip and tour to any place. Especially, if you are going from one country to another. The first thing that you can do is that you can know about the expenses of the country.

A trip to Bhutan is really an expensive choice. However, being expensive is so exciting and a terrific experience in the world. The cost of the offseason trip that is decided by the government is $200 USD for a day and $250 USD for a single person in high trip seasons.

This collection is spent by the government for conserving the nature and environment of Bhutan. This makes your trip to Bhutan more interesting and joyful.

You can make your budget before starting your trip, and then visit the planned places. Staying on your budget and also enjoying your trip is not an easy thing. So whenever you go on a trip take extra money with you, it will also help you shop in the places you visit without disturbing your balance of the budget that you have decided.


Tourism is a very interesting thing that one can do if you are interested to travel. However, traveling from one country to another requires a lot of preparation. For example, you must know if you are going to another country then you must know what the things that you can discover from there are.

Bhutan is the ideal place for tourism for those who want to see and capture natural beauty, for natural photographers also this place is ideal they can get a lot of things and matter from there. In this article, I have mentioned about Bhutan tour.

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