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Maid insurance to safeguard the cost acquisition of the owner

Maid insurance

Insurance is the compensation for the losses for certain situations. It is always advisable to have insurance for the car, business, and other valuables. It protects the property in case of damages. Getting compensation has got easier due to insurance services. Domestic helper insurance is a kind of insurance made compulsory in foreign countries. Several helpers are employed on the grounds. The government has made it compulsory to give protection against health and associations for maids. Let’s find out the need for the maid insurance-

Why Maid Insurance is required?

Maid or domestic helpers are employed around the world. It has been made compulsory to hold maid insurance as per the law. There are chances of getting into loss by the operations of domestic helpers.

  • Maid insurance helps pay damages incurred by the helpers at the domiciles. Hence, it is necessary to receive the stipulated benefits for the defeat at a fair cost.
  • Maid insurance from all categories offers the benefits of basic requirements. This point has to be considered as it protects troubles turned out at the residence.
  • The policy owner can opt for maximum coverage through maid insurance from companies like HL Assurance. The insurance gives the cover to the accidents by the maid.
  • Health is an important issue. If the maid gets injured then the cover for the hospitalization is protected by the maid insurance as well as the wage loss can be compensated through the policy.
  • Maid insurance gives cover for the severe health loss of the third party grounded by the maid. Third-party property damage cover is also suggested by the insurance companies.
  • It is necessary to have an endorsement plan for the fluctuation of the maid before completion of the contract. Maid insurance helps in sustaining the cost of the maid replacement procedure.

Advantages of Maid insurance:-General insurance involve different kinds similar to which maid insurance is also offered with different plans tendering different benefits. The cost of the plan depends on the areas covered under the maid insurance policy from esteemed companies like HL Assurance. The policy also varies for part-time domestic helpers and full-time domestic helpers. Overseas is another form of maid insurance policy which is for full-time overseas helpers working at the positions. The insurance of domestic helpers cover

Personal liability cover

Damages and accidents resulted from the maid are the responsibility of the person hiring them. All the relevant cost of an accident has to be tolerated by the owner. Therefore, the personal liability cover of maid insurance protects up to a definite amount of claims.

– Hospitalization and Medicinal expense cover

When we hire a maid or any domestic helper, it is our responsibility to pay off their hospitalization related expenses. All the expenses of hospitalization including surgery, pre, and post-assessment expenses, room charges and other medicinal expenses are covered under the special plan. Thus, one should have maid insurance to avoid bearing immensity of the cost of hospitalization. Hospitalization expenses are covered under the maid insurance policy.

– Repatriation expense cover

As we know, the owner is an accountable person to the repatriation expenses of the domestic helper. If the domestic helper gets any permanent disease or causes illness or expires, the employer has to take care of the repatriation cost. The repatriation expense cover of maid insurance ensures security in such an unexpected situation.

– Fidelity protection cover

It is difficult to rely on domestic helpers in terms of loyalty. There can be a thievery act attempted by the domestic helper. This can be an upsetting situation for the employer. The theft of valuables could be the loss of the employer in monetary terms; therefore, the Fidelity protection cover is useful in reimbursing the cost of mislaying items.

– Lock replacement Cover

The fidelity act can cause damage to the lock system of the employer. Lock replacement cost is also guaranteed by the cover under maid insurance under premium policies. The cover is rendered with the specified amount enclosed by the policy.

Policy Termination

The service from the domestic helper can be clogged at any point in time for any grounds. The calculation of the payback amount of premium is done on a pro-rata basis. But the amount of refund can be varied from company to company and situation to situation. Some of the companies offer 50% to 60% reimbursement of the paid premium with convinced rules and policies. They also state the cost of cancellation before the due date.

Selecting suitable Maid insurance plans:-

  • The employer has to read the terms and conditions of the maid insurance carefully.
  • The policy should consist of the claims for the basic requirements. The policy has all the details that replicate the claim-related information. The employer should read the terms related to the claim forms.
  • The term of the insurance also needs to be considered before approaching the maid insurance policy.

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