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Bhutan Tour: 5 Must Visit Places in Bhutan

Visit Places in Bhutan

Are you looking forward to enjoying your winter vacations? Do you search for the best Bhutan travel website to visit with your family? Well, if you have answered yes, then this article will be going to help you. Here you will learn about South Asia’s one of the best tourist places, Bhutan. It is located or surrounded by the Himalayas. This place is surrounded by snow peaks, mountains & shadowy forests. Most of the visitors came to this place to enjoy its beauty. If you also want to enjoy this location’s natural beauty, visit this place once with your family.

About Bhutan

The Himalayas surrounds Bhutan. It is a small country that is located in the middle of India & Tibet. It is located in the east of Nepal & north of Bangladesh. The 72% part of this country is covered in forests. It is one of the negative carbon countries in the world. In 2010 Bhutan became the first country in the world which ban tobacco-related products.

They have a mandatory national dress code that everyone followed in Bhutan. Apart from these things, it is one of the mysterious and magical places. It is the best place to visit for family vacation & honeymoon tours. You can also go on an adventurous holiday with your friends. Few places are the major attractions of Bhutan tour, and here we mentioned those places.

Top 5 Must Visit Places in Bhutan

  1. Tiger’s Nest Monastery

The Tiger’s Nest Monastery is also known as the Paro valley. It is a city which is studded with numerous sacred sites& contains a glorious history. It is also known as the “Last Shangri-La.” This is one of the most wonderful places to visit in Bhutan. Here you can experience the mixed culture, natural beauty, a semi-modern lifestyle & colorful traditions. This site is famous for visitors because of terraced farming & red rice cultivation.

The best time to visit this place is from September to November. The view of this location is breathtaking. It is a holy place where every Bhutanese wants to come at least once in his/her life. It is the place where Guru Rinpoche brought Buddhism. It is an iconic & religious site that was built in the year of 1962. Various saints have traveled this place to meditate to subdue the evil demons. You have to go through the beautiful shady forests for almost 2 to 3 hours to visit this place.

  1. Punakha Dzong

This place is also known as Pungtang Dewa Chhenbi Phodrang that means the place of happiness & bliss. It is first constructed by the Zhabdrung Rinpoche, who known as the first Bhutanese. It is the second-largest & oldest dzong in Bhutan that you should visit once. It is the most gorgeous and majestic place in Bhutan that has some glorious sights. It is located in between the two rivers named Pho Chu & Mo Chu.

This place is blessed with the lovely colors of jacaranda trees & temperature climate during the spring season. It is also known as the lost capital of Bhutan. It is located at the height of 1200m & attracts tourists to visit from different countries. The beauty, climate, diverse Buddhist culture & warm gestures of people make this valley a must-visit. You can visit this place at any time with your friends & family.

  1. Tashichho Dzong – Largest Landmark of Thimpu

It is one of Thimphu’s biggest architecture that is popular among the visitors or tourists in Bhutan. It contains a long glorious history as well as the thriving Buddhist cultural heritage of the country. It is located on the northern edge and just to the next of the Wang Chu River. It has two entrances on the eastern side. The southern entrance gate is for the administrative officers, and the north entrance gate is for the visitors.

According to the Buddhists, this is a landmark of the fortress of religious glory. It is popular across the visitors for majestic architecture, amazing interior & exterior design & traditional delicate patterns. If you want some peace in your life, then visit here & spend few-time. You can visit this place from April to October. Bhutan’s iconic landmark shouldn’t miss while visiting Bhutan tour for holidays or vacations.

  1. Buddha Dordenma Statue – Gape At the Bronze Statue

The Buddha Dordenma is situated at the top of the Kuenselphodrang Nature Park. The statue reflects the glorious history and tradition of Bhutan. You can experience an aura of peace & happiness. It is one of the largest statues of Buddha in the world & is made of Bronze & gold.

Here you will watch almost 125,000 smaller Buddha statues in which 10,000 statues are in the 8 inches, whereas the rest the statues are of 12 inches tall. The statue is almost 52 meters tall & made in the form of the sitting posture of Sakyamuni Buddha. This project costs almost 100 million US dollars. If you visit Bhutan in the coming months, then visit this place for sure.

  1. National Museum of Bhutan – Know More About Bhutan

If you want to know more interesting things about Bhutan, you should visit the National Museum of Bhutan. It is located in the town Paro that witness the cultural history & the traditional glory of Bhutan. Here you can watch various memorable artifacts & historical objects of Bhutan.

Here you can experience the things starting from the evolution of the stone age to Bhutan’s modern culture. Here you can watch the beautiful traditional artwork of Bhutan and various bronze statues. It is a must-visit place for the people who love history & have the interest to know more about Bhutan’s history.


Whether you are visiting Bhutan with your friends & families, you should visit the above-discussed place. It is a vibrant country that offers amazing landscape views & sceneries. If you want to enjoy a hassle-free travel experience, then book your Bhutan Trip with a Bhutan travel website. Search on the internet & then choose a genuine trip advisory team.

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